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Cartlidge & Cormier Landscaping

About Cartlidge & Cormier Landscaping

A Top-Tier Landscaping Service

Cartlidge & Cormier Landscaping is known for the customer service and attention to detail that our clients in Brandon appreciate and trust. From small residential properties to sprawling lawns and commercial spaces, we approach every project with care and meticulous detail. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients, getting to know them and their personal style so that we can best meet their landscaping needs.

Client Testimonials

"Great service and going the extra mile. Keep up the good work!"

Chris Latcham

"We have used Cartlidge and Cormier a few times now and top-notch service. Highly recommended"

Mike Sanderson

"They are wonderful with customer service and they provide wonderful lawn care! Highly recommend!"

Megan Evans

"Great couple of guys with a lot of hustle and drive to get the job done right. Highly recommend!"

Ja-On Hillman

"Two hard working young men with great customer service skills!"

Karen Rea

"These guys are the best! 10/10 would recommend them to all my friends and family!"

Celina Barron

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